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Immovable Property Management and Rent

What does IRREST do in managing your property?

IRREST and its agents deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and trouble with marketing your rent, leasing, handling maintenance and repair issues, and responding to your tenant’s complaints, even following your departure and verifying your belongings. IRREST is a good property management company that brings you knowledge and experience in the field of immovable property, giving you the comfort of mind that comes with the recognition of your investment which is certainly in safe hands . We are independent contractors who manage the property and fix any eventual defects during the contract period when your property is being used by a paid tenant at a monthly cost on behalf of the lease ranging from 18-20%, multi monthly in case of property management by the IRREST company.


In cases where IRREST provides you with a tenant of your property, the monthly amount in the first month, contractually certified in the notary office, is filed with IRREST account on behalf of the landlord’s search and marketing service and this is not done with time limits on how long a tenant is staying in your property IRREST, is not responsible for deadlines. We prefer from the tenants that the contracts associated with them be at least six months with their free will to sign before the notary.

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