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Property Transaction

Property is an investment opportunity that does not necessarily require much investment to make money, and consequently the property provides a safe flow of income and increase of your capital. The property is considered to be one of the safest investments you can ever make! IRREST, finds you the property of your dreams as this sector in our company is led by Msc. Ilir Ramadani – PhD Candidate, who has graduated at the BA and MA level in the field of real estate management at the University of Evropska Pravna Fakulteta, headquartered in Ljubljana, and in the South East European University in Tetovo on Criminal Law. He has long experience in the field of selling immovable property and teaching in legal matters. He has published a number of scientific papers, with international impact on property rights and immovable property investments, and mediation as an alternative.

Follows five main features that take you to success in the real estate market:
• The value of the property does not fall to the level of which the shares on the stock exchange may fall,
• Banks hardly will lend you to buy or invest in stocks, but lend to people who want to buy property,
• Property is the most tangible and direct way of seeing your investment increase,
• Do not forget to buy in a slow market and sell it in a fast market to make money,
• Months of December and January, as well as winter months in general, are a good time to make a purchase.


Should I buy or rent?

Buying a property can really be a big investment. This means that perhaps for some, renting his home may be a more affordable option. But in the current banking market, the increasingly competitive interests have made the acquisition a not so inaccessible process. At present, the interest rates on bank loans shrink from 2% to 4.5% per annum, so considering an average of 3-3.5%, the purchase seems sufficiently attractive and affordable, considering that at the end of this process the property remains yours.

Why choose a property agent in IRREST to find the home of your dreams?

Sometimes paying someone to do what you think makes yourself better seems superfluous in a process that requires really great spending. Why not spare? Although the general idea is to waste your time on this service, the realtor can save you a lot of money. He knows the market, he knows how much the property is sold with what you are going to buy, is not emotionally involved, and therefore negotiates with coolness and professionalism.

Who pays the IRREST commission?

In the real estate market in Kosovo, the seller pays 2-3% of the sale amount, while the buyer pays 1% of the sale amount.

What are the prices of the area?

A buyer always chooses to buy the next house in the area where he lived until that moment, which he knows well and with which he is emotionally connected. We all go straight to the acquaintance the unknown is a bit difficult to accept. For this reason, one of the few clear ideas they have when looking for a home is the area. The most commonly asked question relates to the price of the area, with the sales being carried out in their area of interest. This helps you to understand what your options are and for that you can not inform anybody better than the real estate consultant.

How many properties should i look before deciding?

There is no proper answer to this question. If the buyer is clear on his ideas and opportunities and cooperates with a real estate consultant, the latter is capable of providing at least 4-5 properties matching the buyer’s wishes and expectations and I think this is a good number to create a clear idea and to make the right choice. Visiting more property just confuses ideas and makes decision making more difficult.

How does the sales process work?

One of the most common questions is what happens after the offer is accepted and the parties agree on the price and terms of purchase. The parties shall address the notarial office to which they submit their claims in connection with the terms of the sale contract. Usually the buyer chooses the notary. The notary has the duty to control the origin of the property, its authenticity, to update the ownership document to see if the property is free and has no burden or mortgage obligations or financial obligations, to draft the purchase contract under the terms and conditions which parties have agreed. After signing the purchase contract, the buyer deposits the purchase amount on the notary’s account, which remains blocked on that account until the date of issuance of the new certificate of ownership in his name, and the completion of the percentage share of which it belongs to IRREST in agreement with the parties.

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